Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Bakerail Services Limited is committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients. To this end, it is our policy that no Bakerail employee shall report for work or undertake any duties on behalf of Bakerail if their fitness or competence for doing so is impaired through the consumption of either alcohol or drugs (prescribed or prohibited) or other substances. Bakerail Services expects all of its employees and sub-contractors to act with integrity, openness, and honesty and to respect the dignity of others at all times.

All employees and sub-contractors are informed that under the Transport and Works Act 1992, any person working on any UK railway, tramway or other guided transport systems, in any capacity where they can control, influence or affect the movement of a vehicle, or in any maintenance capacity, shall be guilty of an offence carrying a penalty of up to six months imprisonment if there is present in their body more than 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

Where, in the course of their duties a Bakerail representative should enter the premises of, or otherwise has dealings with, a client or potential client whose policy towards alcohol or drugs is more stringent than Bakerail Services, then that policy shall apply.

In particular, any person who has dealings with Network Rail or London Underground, whether in person shall be fully compliant with the relevant Network Rail or London Underground policy. The limit laid out in the Railway Group Standard is 29mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. All employees and sub-contractors may be subject to screening for alcohol and drugs, beyond which, if a positive result is returned, or a test refused, disciplinary proceedings will commence leading to possible dismissal.

Bakerail Services Ltd Managing Director shall be responsible for implementing this policy in full to ensure the business complies with all regulatory and client rules.